Clarifications on 1Malaysia Growing Up Milk Powder Usage


The operator of Kedai Rakyat 1Malaysia (KR1M) would like to clarify the statement done by certain parties regarding the Vitamin A amount in the 1Malaysia Growing Up Milk Powder. Based on the press conference conducted by certain parties on the 25th November 2011, it was alleged that public consumes 15, 552 IU of Vitamin A per day in the 1Malaysia Growing Up Milk Powder and that this amount has exceeded the maximum allowed level of Vitamin A in milk powder which is 5,000IU per day.

Their calculations were based on daily consumptions of 4 scoops (30gm each) for 4 times a day, which totals to 480gm per day. Based on the standard calculation method (3240/100x480gm), the total amount of Vitamin A that shall be consumed is 15, 552 IU per day.The above are totally wrong as the correct picture is that 4 scoops is equivalent to 30gm, and not 4 scoops equals to 120gm. This means that, in every glass, consumers will only take 30gm milk powder.

When they drink 4 times per day, the amount will be 120gm per day, which means that consumers will consume only 3,888 IU Vitamin A per day. (3240/100x120gm). Therefore, as justified by the Ministry of Health recently, 1 Malaysia Growing Up Milk is safe to be consumed as the total amount of Vitamin A does not exceed the maximum allowed level as claimed by certain parties. We hope that the public is clear with this explanation and would not get confused or misled by allegations made by certain parties.